Do you think Granny is challenging and scary enough? Now things are about to get even more hardcore, because there is an equally murderous Grandpa to back her up! Running away from these two won’t be an easy quest. But you have to do it or else die in the most terrible way!

Twice as much danger and thrill!

The game is pretty straightforward: you gotta survive and not get caught by evil Granny and Grandpa. But these two ain’t your sweet old grandparents. No sir, they’re evil, and they’re out to get you. You gotta navigate through the creepy house, searching for clues and picking up all sorts of items to help you survive. But be careful, because Granny and Grandpa are lurking around every corner, waiting to pounce on you like a lion on its prey.

The game is a real challenge, and you gotta use your wits and reflexes to outsmart Granny and Grandpa. You will have to hide, run, and dodge their attacks, all while searching for an exit. Can you survive long enough to escape the clutches of evil Granny and Grandpa? There is just one way to find out!

Grandpa & Granny 4

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