This horror adventure does not look like a standard game in this genre. You will not meet a bunch of monsters and jumpscares during the walkthrough, however, your heart will thump not once during the gameplay. This project seems to have a very straightforward task – you play for the character that find himself in the abandoned maze and needs to get out as soon as possible. But it will be extremely difficult at times to take a correct step and move forward. The empty labyrinth will turn out to be a deadly trap that seems to have no exit. Will you try to find it?

Explore everything around!

The first thing you should do once you start on this challenge is to explore the place. However, it does not look really impressive – it is an endless concession of rooms and corridors that look identical. The walls are covered with retro-style yellowish wallpaper, and all premises are lit with dull bulbs hanging from the ceiling. As you keep walking from one room to another, you will not see anything new – no windows, no doors, nothing that can help you find an exit. But from time to time, you will come across strange objects – do not ignore these as they may contain some hints and advice. The main thing is not to give up! At a certain point you will to stop it all, thinking there is no any solution possible here. Do not let this thought dominate over you, the exit surely exists – you just need to keep looking for it!

Pass all the levels!

There are over 20 cool levels in this horror adventure. And the deeper you delve into the Backrooms, the creepier is the atmosphere and harder to succeed. What is really thrilling – you will have a strange feeling that you are not alone, even if there is nobody to be seen around. You will hear strange sounds and see scary shadows. You will have an instinctive desire to walk faster and faster to avoid meeting some unwanted creature. Try to maintain your sanity as this insane yellow atmosphere will lurk into your brain with ease! The clue is somewhere here, and you just need to be more attentive to various details.

Backrooms All Levels

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