Have you already enjoyed a mysterious parallel reality in the Backrooms where you struggle to find an exit from a creepy maze? Now the same scary labyrinth is available in the Minecraft universe. This is a new mod you can enjoy in your favorite pixelated world. You will just simply move along the block when suddenly fall through the ground to some unknown place. It is a maze consisting of interconnected yellowish rooms with yellow walls and ceilings. Light is strangely flickering, and you have only one desire – to get out of here as soon as possible!

Navigate this new location!

You cannot just sit and wait! You should act if you do not want to stay here forever. This maze-like network does not seem to have a beginning or the end. It is like some weird circle. You will wander in gloomy and repetitive rooms and corridors, trying to find that door that will take you back to freedom. However, it will not happen so easily. You will have to struggle enough before you complete this dreadful quest. At some moments, you will even feel something like despair as it may seem to you that you are already trapped here for the rest of your life!

Stay away from weird entities!

Unfortunately, it is not only a gloomy atmosphere that will influence your sanity during the walkthrough. You will have a strange feeling that you are not the only living being in this weird space. Someone is definitely monitoring each your step. The things get more alarming when you notice some creepy shadows around. These are paranormal entities, and you never know when any of them will pop up in your way. Do not try to fight these as you have no weapon. It is better to stay at a safe distance form these dangerous creatures. Keep exploring this place until you find enough hints to run away! Will you manage to survive this adventure?

Backrooms Minecraft

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