The creepy legend of the Backrooms is real! This is a parallel universe where you need to find a way out of a creepy maze. The task does not sound too complicated. If you are a fan of horror games, you have definitely successfully passed a number of different labyrinths. But this time, it will be a totally new experience we bet you. The Backrooms 2023 is a trial for really smart players. If you believe that you are hard to be frightened and confused – give it a try! You will enjoy endless thrills!

Why is this maze so strange?

You will not be able to get rid of the feeling that something is very wrong with this place. It is an endless series of retro-styled rooms and corridors. They are all the same – faded yellowish wallpapers and dim bulbs. You walk and walk and nothing changes. It looks like you are continuously returning to your starting point and again begin this vicious circle. Can it just be a joke? Or maybe it is only a trick of your imagination. But you must invent something to stop this nightmare. Do not follow your thoughts – you should not give up. Keep exploring the place – the clue is somewhere around!

More dangers and entities!

This new version of the Backrooms comes with new obstacles. Now the maze is flooded with paranormal entities of all shapes and forms. You must keep at a safe distance from them if you do not want to be attacked. Do not miss any object you meet as you keep walking – some of them are interactive and will provide you with helpful tips. Without these hints it will be impossible to survive. Dive into this new thrilling adventure to have a lot of fun!

Backrooms 2023

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