Do you love games that can completely immerse you in a virtual adventure and make you forget of everything around? Then we suggest that you try The Backrooms 2! This is a challenge you will never forget. So what does await you? Roughly, nothing special – you will be locked in a strange maze, and you will have to look for an exit! Do you believe you will cope with that? Then do not waste any more time – start it now!

You will feel lost!

You begin in a very strange place. It is a maze. And it looks rather depressive. It is clear enough that the place has not been frequently visited – it is old and stale. Even yellow wallpapers on the walls look very old-fashioned and worn. There are no windows or furniture here – just endless rooms and corridors. You do not remember what or who brought you here, but you instinctively feel that you need to find an exit as soon as possible. This maze looks completely empty but it does not seem safe at all. Still, you need to explore it to understand how it is arranged. However, you will not find anything special – all premises are the same! You will walk and walk and see nothing new. Who made this silly trap? It looks like you will never find that door! As the time passes, you get a weird feeling that you are losing your sanity. Furthermore, you start to hear strange noises. Are you not alone here or is it just your paranoia?

Do not give in to your panic!

You must stop panicking as it will not help you find a solution. Terrible thoughts that are spinning in your mind just make things worse. Instead, try to change your tactics. You will notice strange objects that appear on your way from time to time. You can interact with some of them. Why do you need to do it? These can hide a lot of tips that will help make the right steps. It is especially important not to miss tiny pieces of paper that are scattered around the place. Be patient, when you will collect several scraps of paper – then put them together to arrange them in a message that will shed some light on this terrible situation. It looks like someone was already trying to solve the same quest before you. Did that person manage to survive? Start playing to unveil a lot of thrilling secrets. You will need to activate your logical skills to make the right decisions if you want to happily complete the mission. Test whether you are strong and courageous enough for this trial. You will enjoy it!

Backrooms 2

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