Get ready for your first night at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza where you are about to work as a watchman! Sounds like an easy gig, right? Not so fast! The animatronics in the restaurant start to come alive at night and they’re out for blood!

Plush monsters on the loose!

To pass the game, you need to survive five nights at this place, but it’s not gonna be easy. The thing is, all the cute toys entertaining the visitors with their clockwork singing and dancing during the day turn into creepy monsters at the stroke of midnight. You have to keep an eye on the cameras to see where the animatronics are, and if they get too close, you need to shut the doors to keep them out.

But be careful, because you only have a limited amount of power to do this with. So you have to be strategic about when you use the doors and when you don’t. And man, the animatronics are sneaky. They’ll try to trick you and catch you off guard, so you gotta stay alert.

So get ready for a crazy ride with Five Nights at Freddy’s Online! Can you make it through five nights at this horrifying pizza place? Or will you become the next victim of the animatronics? The choice is yours, so let’s get to it!

Five Nights at Freddy’s

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