Are you smart and brave for any horror adventure? Then test your survival skills in an endless liminal space where not everyone can succeed. This is the Backrooms, a new thrilling challenge where you will be trying to find an exit from a creepy maze. Every maze should finish sooner or later, but this game will make you think completely different. A scary atmosphere and a bunch of psychological tricks will even make you doubt your sanity. Are you ready to start on this heart-thumping adventure right now?

This maze is a vicious circle!

The place does not look very inviting. It is stale and old. Rooms and corridors are covered by moldy yellow wallpapers. It is lack of light inside this place – only dim bulbs are handing from the ceiling. But you cannot change anything – you must move and think how to get out. Unfortunately, there is not even a hint on any exit at all. Does it exist here? Why do you have a feeling that you are doomed? The more you move, the less hope remains you will ever find a way to escape. But do not give in to your panic. You will surely find a solution if you manage to maintain your sanity. So keep going and try to analyze every single detail you come across! You will discover a lot of cool things!

Interact with all objects

If there is a task, there should be a solution to it. You just need to be more attentive or totally change your tactics. You should stop pointless walking from one room to another. Try to look around and pay more attention to objects that may seem not so important. These items can be interacted with – you may find plenty of interesting tips. Do not ignore even pieces of paper with strange words – put them together to read some message left for you. Activate your logical skills to pass this challenging quest and safely escape. You can do it if you think out of the box. Good luck!

Backrooms Unblocked

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