Check out this great game that’ll have you scratching your head in confusion and awe! It’s called Escape the Drawing Room and it’s unlike any other room escape game you’ve played before. Intrigued? Start playing and see for yourself!

Make your way out of this hand-drawn madness!

Picture this: you’re trapped in a room, the walls are covered in drawings, and suddenly, the drawing on the wall starts to come alive. Y It’s like some kind of magic or sorcery is at play. But hey, you ain’t scared, you’re gonna solve this puzzle and escape this room in no time!

Here’s how it works. You gotta move the drawing guy into the door to move him across the walls and solve the puzzle. It’s like the drawing guy is your own personal avatar in this crazy world of art and puzzles. You gotta use your brain to figure out how to move him around, what clues to look for, and how to solve the big puzzle to escape the room.

So get ready to enter the world of Escape the Drawing Room, where the art comes to life and the puzzles will blow your mind. Can you solve the puzzle and escape the room before the drawing guy fades away? The clock is ticking, so let’s get drawing!

Escape the Drawing Room

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