It’s your birthday and you wanna celebrate it like a boss. You get your party hat on, your playlist ready, and your stomach growling for some cake. But wait, what’s going on here? You find yourself in a strange place, with no friends in sight, and there’s nothing but a birthday cake and something else… Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea! Let’s get out of here!

A creepy kind of birthday

This game is a seriously disturbing experience, with the entire suspense and paranoia of what’s happening downright contradicting the festive setting. At first, you don’t understand where you are and why it’s so quiet and empty in here. But then someone shows up. Who could it be? Your long-lost lover? A serial killer? The President of the United States? You gotta pull of all of your brains and courage together to fid that out. Are you gonna slice up that cake or try to bolt outta there? It’s a crazy game of mystery and danger that’ll have you reconsider your attitude to birthdays in the first place. So get ready to party it up and watch your back at the same time!

Escape your Birthday

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