There are plenty of ways to get scared to death in a horror game. There is also a rich selection of horror adventures you can find online. This time, you are offered a true challenge that will show you what real fear is. The game is a psychological horror where you need to survive in a mysterious maze. The place seems to be old and abandoned, but once you start exploring it, you will discover plenty of terrifying things. You will even doubt whether it is actually possible to find an exit from this deadly labyrinth. It would be fair to say that not all players will succeed, but you are not one of them, right? So accept the challenge and prove you can find a solution.

The maze hides lots of secrets

Before you decide how to build your survival strategy, you need to properly look around. You are in a maze that consists of endless rooms and halls. They all look strangely identical – walls are covered with moldy yellow wallpaper and lit by old dim bulbs. Whenever it is a labyrinth in a horror game, it is obvious that such a location hides a lot of monsters, but this time you will not meet them. However, it does not mean you are not going to be scared to death. The atmosphere is so gloomy that you feel really uncomfortable. Sometimes, you will even feel you are not alone in this strange place. You have a creepy feeling that someone is watching you. Scary shadows will flash here and there, reminding you that you should get out of here as soon as possible!

Do your best not to lose your sanity

However, you will keep moving without any special result – one room will change by another, and this will repeat endlessly. The main thing is not to lose your sanity in this terrible place. It is clear enough that this pattern will not bring success. You should change tactics. Now look more attentively what you meet on your way – these can be some old objects that look absolutely useless. Do not ignore these – you can try to interact with everything you find. Some objects hide hints and tips, you just need to be smart enough to find them. Even pieces of paper can shed the light on what is going on – collect these to read a secret message the previous survivor left for you. The exit is actually much closer than you think – it depends only on your smartness how quickly you will find it if you discover it at all. There are several possible outcomes here – which one will be yours?


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