The Backrooms Game Online

Horror game fans love thrills and risks that they can find in this genre. If you are currently looking for a new challenge – here is it! The Backrooms is a great project to feel a gamut of emotions, from overwhelming curiosity to freezing fear. It is even difficult to explain the psychological atmosphere of this strange maze. Imagine that you find yourself in a retro-looking yellow room. You leave it and you will see yourself in exactly the same color corridors that alternate with other yellow rooms. All of them seem identical. The dull lights keep flickering.

You start to explore room after room, but find nothing. Where is the exit? It seems like a nightmare and you just need to wake up to interrupt it. But this bad dream continues, and you need to look for an exit. Moreover, suddenly you feel someone’s presence. The place looks completely empty, but something is surely lurking around. It is terribly scary, right? This is the kind of atmosphere you must go through. And you must hurry up if you do not want to stay here forever.

Explore the maze!

Of course, before you can make a decision or out together some survival plan, you must study the place. The Backrooms will remind you a parallel reality. Empty yellow premises, dull retro bulbs and a strange atmosphere of danger floating in the air. It looks like a vicious circle that has no beginning or the end. You keep walking from one room to another, and every time your hope to find an exit gets thinner. Instead, you are being seized with a strange feeling that you are trapped here forever. It looks like someone has just played an evil joke on you, and soon it will be over. But unfortunately, it does not happen, and your nerves get highly strung.

You must act if you really want to remain alive. Get ready to overcome a wide expanse of levels. Each new challenge brings new trials which may even get you insane if you do not invent something workable! Do not neglect different objects you meet as you proceed through the maze – these can differ from broken toys to some paper scraps. But each of them has a message for you. So make sure to interact with every item to get helpful tips.

Overcome your fear!

The scariest moment in the Backrooms is when you realize that you are not alone here. You have sensed it already that you feel like being watched. But you have tried to explain it to yourself by your overexcited imagination. However, your suspicions were not groundless. The place is full of strange inhabitants. These are paranormal creatures that mask themselves to look like humans. And there are several categories of these creepy beings. So whom will you meet here? You will see the Faceling, this is a distorted shape of a human and empty eye sockets.

It mouth is curved, and it produces an impression of a continuous scream. Be careful as these beings appear without warning and may even attack you. Then you may come across the Hound. It is another aggressive entity that looks like a dog. Usually, Hounds wander in packs and are very hostile. You will also encounter Skin-Stealers, strange creatures that will mimic the appearance of their victims. And this list is not yet complete. You never know what awaits you behind the corner – The Backrooms is full of unexpected twists, and all of them are nerve-wracking! Remember you do not have any weapons, and anyway, these creatures cannot be just killed. Make sure you keep at a safe distance from all these antagonists – they can usually reach you if you approach them too close.

Enjoy plenty of levels and mods!

You can play several dozen cool levels in the Backrooms. All the time, the main gaming location remains the same – it is a spooky labyrinth that does not seem to have an end. But every level will need you to develop a new escape strategy if you want to find a door to the outer world. The Backrooms can be rightfully called a never-ending adventure. All levels contain an endless concession of rooms and corridors. Moreover, you can enjoy this entertainment in a multiplayer mode. Here there are two options available – you can team up with other players to look for an exit.

Alternatively, you can play against the other users, making the survival in this spooky labyrinth more challenging. In this case, your task gets more complicated – besides looking for an exit, you will have to beware of your adversaries that will look for a favorable moment to kick you off the game. The winning feature of this adventure is that it comes with several possible endings. Not all of them are positive, and your outcome will fully depend on your agility and logic. Are you sure you will be able to succeed in this terrible maze? Will you have enough courage to mislead all the malicious creatures? Test your survival capabilities right now!

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